Monday, May 9, 2011

Update, The Ball review

Just a quick summary of updates to prove this blog isn't totally dead, random stuff follows.

First off, if you haven't played it yet, and you don't mind a bit of blood, go play The Ball.  I just finished it yesterday, and it's a very solid puzzle/action/first person game with a heavy emphisis on puzzle.  The designers clearly put a lot of effort into making sure the puzzles were challenging without being frustrating.  Highly recommended!  It's also one of the few puzzle games that I'd be glad to play again from the beginning a second time, because the puzzles are just so fun to do for the most part.

I mean, you get a GIANT ball nearly twice your height to roll around with a push/pull gun, and that, plus your wits and mind, are your only weapon the entire 8+ hour game.  Brillantly fun!

In other news, I've begun to design/script some enemies for the random platforming project.  Currently working on a simple slime enemy.  It's actually pretty complicated making enemies that need to just be dropped into a level and deal with whatever is generated at the time.  But it's pretty fun to be drawing stuff again, for once.

Till next time, this is Gawain signing off.

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