Sunday, May 15, 2011

My eyes are shot(not literally, thankfully).

Having trouble reading some of my code, or doing the graphical work for the enemy designs, mainly testing the smoothing of the animations during the actual game, which need to be scrutinized at the per pixel level.  My eyes are on the fritz.

Thankfully, I go to see the eye doc tomorrow, and from there the timer starts till my glasses become useful again.  Been way too long since my last visit evedently.  I think it's been over a year or so, at least long enough where I can't remember the last visit.

I can still drive and play/review games, and thankfully the blogger publishing interface has big enough text where I can write blogs.(though if I get . and , mixed up, it's cause I can't really tell the difference anymore.)  So I'm not totally out of stuff to do yet.  :)

Needless to say, not going to get much work done till this is fixed.  So if I don't update, don't panic, it's just cause I really need to be able to see clearly before I get any more work done. ;)  At least in regards to my MMF work.

See you next post,


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