Monday, March 17, 2014

Smiley Gems High Scores and Ads System is going down at the end of the month.

Mochimedia is going down at the end of this month, and taking most of the social and high scores of Smiley Gems with it. 

Their parent company has ordered them to shut down. Much sadness. :( I don't have time to look into alternatives yet, so for now the system should just cease to function but still let you play the game itself.

If anyone knows of a system for ads and high scores that works with Multimedia Fusion 2, and is free to get, point me in that direction. I don't have a solid web host or server to run such a system on, so I cannot write one myself.

From March 31st, 2014 onwards, the game won't have high scores or any of the Mochi powered systems in it. So Smiley Gems won't have ads, but it also won't have any way of posting high scores. The game itself should still function for those who just like to play it.

I'll update the games page of the blog to point to newgrounds, since the mochimedia hosted page is going down as well.