Friday, April 29, 2016

Drake - A 64x64 jam entry

I recently made this little game called Drake, it's on my game page now under flash games.  Or you can just click here:

It's a single level of what was meant to be 6 levels around that size, so it's not complete.  But it's fully playable and should entertain for a little while.

I'm now working on the rest of the levels.  Those will be coming in an update as well, but very slowly.

Mostly this post is about showing you Drake, and letting you all know I'm still working on stuff.

Friday, April 1, 2016

Playhack winners announced! Robo Racer got Special Mention!

My game #roboracer got a Special Mention, just below the contest winners!

No prize money for me, but it's really great to see it get recognized! "Good solid entry" is about the best praise I could have asked for from the judges. :)

A big accomplishment for me considering I had not touched Playcanvas engine till I started the contest, and am a single developer. :)

Go play all the entries, and enjoy! The blog has a link to a special "play games" page that has nothing but the contest entries. Some of them are really good, most are worth checking out. I won't link directly here, so you have to view the playcanvas article to find it.

Congrats to all who managed to make a game in time! It was a blast!