Friday, March 11, 2016

Robo Racer is out!

Yay!  Another Game Jam, another actual game release!

I've added it to the game page for the blog.  If you are super excited to play it, or super lazy, or can't find the page link cause it's glorious blue on blue at the top right of every single blog page, you can click below to get there.

I think I'll let the game speak for itself really.  It's been a blast making it, and my mind is still in a flurry of thoughts and design concepts, so anything I write about it won't make much sense for now.  Plus I've been promoting and repackaging the promotion material so much over the last 2 days, I don't really feel like spouting it all twice just for this blog post.

Not Robo Racer related news after the break.  If you are just here to check out my games, you can stop reading here. ;)