Friday, June 24, 2011


Spent the last few weeks making balloons, and floating them all into the sky.  The balloons are free, but the time spent writing them took a lot out of me.

They all contained a bit of personal writing, each directed at the intended reciever, each with some explanation why I would be one of the best choices for their particular Hot Air Balloon Crew.  Each was carefully written, edited, and rewritten again.  Though some Hot Air Balloon Crew positions are very similar, so I may have recycled some of my writings.

Yet I still had to take the time to fill the balloons and launch them into the right breeze.  The Air Tubes are a bit of a mess since they haven't standardized it, so it takes even more time investment to figure out how to send the message to each Hot Air Balloon Crew.

I've released them all into the world, hoping someone would read them and consider me for their own Hot Air Balloon Crew.

The thing with balloon messages is, the balloon only flies to the sender.  There's no way for the reciever to reply unless they take their own time to make a balloon themselves.  And these Hot Air Balloon Crews, they get a lot of balloons.  They get so many, it's impossible to reply to anyone except the one person they selected for their Hot Air Balloon Crew.

I've sent so many, I've now run out of Hot Air Balloon Crews to send messages to.  And, like most people applying for Hot Air Balloon Crews, I've heard nothing back.

But that's ok.  Because once those crews take flight, the next fleet of Hot Air Balloon Crews will start building their own landing platforms and forming new crews.  They'll need someone to send balloons so they can look through them all and decide who is making it on board the next flight.

So for now, I watch.  I wait.  And when the new crews show up, I start sending my balloon messages again. 

Because that's another thing about balloon messages.  If I don't ever send one, I'll never know where, to who, or when it might land.  And somewhere out there, someone on a Hot Air Balloon Crew just might finally take the time to write me back.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Look up there! Fancy tab buttons!

Not much of an update this time.

Basically just wanted to say I've got a page on this blog now where I will be listing games I finished and released.  For those new to the blog, I don't think I've actually linked to Smiley Gems, my first released flash game.  So go check it out.

As for game design, little to report.  A lot has been done, but nothing publically shareable yet.

One major breakthrough is that I worked out some unity code to move a player relative to the direction the camera is facing, without moving them on anything but the XZ plane.  In non-technical terms, this means the player can control themselves like in Zelda 64 or other 3d platformers, where the controls change based on where the camera is looking.  The math to do this sort of split my head open, but it's working.

And in the world of other games, I'm still a hopeless Minecraft addict.  On our local lan server, I've built an entire, independant, enemy immune fort complete with renewable wood, infinite water spring, animal spawning areas, wheat, sugarcane, storage for literally everything in the game, and cactus.  All built over the last few weekends, starting with the outer wall.  Now I've got a donation box set up for a potential roller coaster.  I think it's safe to say I'm terribly addicted.

At least I don't play it when I'm supposed to be getting work done.  Not yet anyway.