Games I Made

This page contains info and links on the games that I have finished and released.  Everything on this page is made by me.  Enjoy browsing the gallery of games!

I can be reached through the following contacts, in case you want to reach me directly.

Twitter: @darkgriffin1986

I'll try to keep this organized and reasonably easy to use, but it's always going to be a work in progress as I add more games to my collection of games I've made.  So please excuse any mess, thanks.

Playcanvas Games

Robo Racer 

Another Game Jam, another small package of joy.  The goal was to use the three provided models to make a game using only the tools provided on  I was much better at planning things this time.  I ended up finishing a day early with everything left on the to-do list too time consuming to add.

The end result is a pretty fun little web based game, complete with gloriously anonymous high score tables.  I have a cheesy marketing summary I can quote here.  *puts on marketing hat*

Race around several tracks for Best Time as the Robo Racer! Or compete for Best Score by collecting coins using strategic play. An exciting and unique strategy-racing game for all ages! This is my single developer entry into the PLAYHACK with PlayJam competition. I hope you enjoy playing it!

Play the game:

You can find the project on Playcanvas, it's a public project.  I also kept a changelog/blog of sorts during development of the game on the project updates page.

Downloadable Games

Mothrina Chapters: The Ruins of Death

A 1 month game contest entry, this was quite "exciting" to do, to put it mildly.  I did manage to crunch time it, and it's highly playable in my humble opinion.  

The adventure is a bit short but should bring a bit of old school charm to anyone who played some dungeon crawlers back in the Might and Magic or Wizardry 1 days.

There is a readme included in the download, that will help you review the controls.  It also contains an in character letter to help you understand why you are being sent to these ruins.

Last, the (slightly crappy) level editor is included, along with the source code and main project file of the App Game Kit project.  If you own that tool, you have my permission to poke around and tweak things or see how things are structured.  Excuse my mess, as some of the code was written during the final week's crunch and is not that clean to read or understand.

Also, I still claim the copyright to the game, code, story scenario, and some of the graphics. The other graphics, and all the music, is still copyrighted by the artists who's materials I've used with a permission license.  So it's not quite "open source, have at it" sadly, but if you make use of the code, I strongly request you give me credit and send me a link or a copy of the game so I can check it out. :)

It has come to my attention the below link to the contest page doesn't link to dropbox since they changed the policy on dropbox sharing.  Here is the direct link to the game download on my dropbox folder:

Direct link to Download and Play Mothrina Chapters: The Ruins of Death

The following link is to the contest page, but the download links there no longer work due to dropbox's update.  I am including it just for archival purposes.


Flash Games

Drake(Full Version Is Released!)

Project Drake was an entry for the 2016 Low Res Jam.  For those who don't know, it was a game jam challenge to make a game using only 64x64 pixels as the output screen.  (We are allowed to scale it up, but the game graphics must "think" in 64x64 pixels only.)

The jam entry version is now available as a flash based game.  It has a single level of the game, which was all I could finish in the 2 weeks allowed for the jam.

The Full version is now out, and can be played in it's entirety in flash web game form.  You can also donate to get a downloadable copy to keep.  The url below now will point to the full game, though the jam entry is still up if you search

Play Drake on

Smiley Gems

My first published flash game.  Thankfully for you, it's not my first game ever made(those were awful, but this is actually fun)!

The entire game was made by me from start to finish.  I started with some early design sketches of the gameplay concepts on paper. 

Then I made the graphics in Illustrator, based mostly on the concept sketches.  For the most part this went smoothly, until I found out that the gameplay elements all had relatively the same rounded shapes, meaning colorblind players couldn't tell them apart.  Since the game is on the internet and played world wide by everyone, I think it's important that colorblind people can enjoy it too.

The original difference between green moving mines and red non-moving mines were just that one was green and one was red, which meant colorblind players couldn't tell the difference.  So in the final game the moving mines have their four spike design instead.  My test for if a colorblind player could play was to make a version with just black shapes of the gameplay elements.  If I could still make out what they all were from just their shapes, then the game works. 

You'll notice the sound and music, while it adds a lot to the game, isn't needed for gameplay either.  This is very intentional, because some users of the internet are deaf, and I wanted them to be able to understand and play the game too.

After all those design considerations, I spent the next two weeks coding it, testing it, and refining the gameplay in Multimedia Fusion 2, which resulted in the final exported flash game.  Lots of friends helped me playtest it, so I got a good idea how both hardcore players of the game would play, and how casual or new players would react when they started the game.  They all wanted codenames instead of their real names in the credits, so the credits page looks pretty random and silly.

The only thing I didn't make is the music.  The author of the music generously let me use it for free, just giving him credit in the credits of the game.

You can see and play the final game at the following url:

Play Smiley Gems on Newgrounds