Saturday, March 26, 2011

The number 2 pencil

A number 2 pencil.

Does it make colors?  Only shades of grey, implied colors that will never be as colorful or powerful as true colors.

Does it make art?

I feel as though I am an artist, holding a pencil, with nothing else to work with.  Where others have fancy game engine coders and an army of tools unique to their platforms, I have generic "catch all" tools that can do lots of things, but none of it as good as the unique ones.


Doesn't the number 2 pencil also have the same capability, however limited, to make new things?

I've got a few tools, Multimedia Fusion 2, Unity Engine, and paper.  Not the same tools used by other professional artists, but tools that are rather flexible, if lacking in shine.

Can my number 2 pencil make art?  I believe the answer is yes.

Am I capable of getting there?

I intend to find out, for better or worse.


  1. Good luck to you sir.

    Rule #1 any experienced programmer knows is to plan ahead.

    And sometimes, its with a number 2 pencil. Or a marker and a white-board. To each his own (though I prefer the white-board).

    However, neither is a sign of success. You can't make a program with a number 2 pencil, and you can't plan (well) with a program.

  2. The number 2 pencil I mentioned wasn't really a physical pencil, so much as a metafore for my current game development toolset(or lack thereof). Sorry if there was some confusion.


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