Monday, March 7, 2011

Introduction Post

I'm Gawain, and I basically grew up on video games.  Currently I both play and also make games as a self titled "Independant Game Designer".

I fell in love with video games once I got an old 486 PC(with DOS OS).  Been hooked since, and once I found an old dos shareware game called "Jetpack" with an editor, I got hooked on the design aspect of it too. 

Artistically, I'm very much a Game Designer, designing stories or worlds that are meant to be experienced, not just told.  Games are like my canvas, and like an artist, I use my tools to express myself and create things for myself and others to enjoy.

One of my favorite games of all time is Myst, and the rest of the series since.  If any single game influenced my view of games as an artistic medium, it was Myst.  It sticks out in my mind forever as a game that was so simple to play, yet so deep in both backstory and themes, and hauntingly beautiful.  It was the first game I know of that really showed that this medium can be used as an art form, and can express and move people even deeper then a movie or book.  The fact people still buy and play it

That brings me to why I love video games as a medium.  It's because they have the capability to be a storybook, a movie, and just a fun toy to pass the time, all at once. 

There's tremendous potential for interactive storytelling in video games, and many recent games have gotten very good at tapping into that, even going so far as to tell some deep political or social statements about the world, our history, and the way we think. 

And at the same time, some games are just fun things to play or do.

I'd make a list of all the games that have influenced me throughout the years, but it would be too long and take way to much time.  You'd all fall asleep long before you got the picture.  Instead, I think it's better to save those for future blog posts.

Ultimately, this blog is a way for me to share my journey with you.  Expect the following subjects to show up, in random, spontanious order:

  • My experiences with games I have played, and why they influenced or are interesting.  I promise it will be interesting and not "hi I love this game and it's awsome you should play it lol".

  • Info, previews, and announcements about my own game projects.  I make games too, and I'll keep you all posted as they polish up into playable art.

  • Expect lots of theories, as I openly spill my thought process of a self declared game designer.  It's like a free lesson in Game Design while watching me put it to practice.  From general "why do games do this" to the nitty gritty stuff, I intend to share all my game design knowledge.  Lots of you might agree or disagree, but hopefully I'll at least explain my logical thinking process so you can see why I did what I did.
One thing you will not find is me saying what I'm going to post next.  I want to keep this as fresh, spontanious, and true to my own current experience and belief as possible, so what comes next is as much a surprise to me as it is to you.  :)

So thanks for joining me on my journey through gaming.  Hope you enjoy the ride, and see you in the next post, whatever it may bring!

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  1. Look forward to seeing stuff from you!

    Though I don't run Windows often these its harder to check out games, I'll just live vicariously off of you. ;)


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