Sunday, June 5, 2016

Small Status Update

For those following me, not too much has changed this past week in my game projects.  I got sick with something big on Monday and it took me out till around Friday evening to get well enough to work on anything that would take more then a few minutes time again.  I've spent most of the remaining week and weekend just trying to recover myself or catch up with things I've fallen behind on.

I know this isn't the most exciting update.  I wanted to post something so those that follow me know I haven't vanished.  I'm still here, Drake is still a thing, my other projects are still happening as well.  It's just been a bit of a "forced vacation" from game design this week.

I did manage to snag RPG Maker MV during the free weekend discount.  I'm a bit too tired right now to write up a proper review.  So far I've liked what they did to improve it, even if most of the improvements are just super tiny things.

Most of my up time from my sickness was spent pouring over it's engine/tools/plugin system and learning how it ticks, since I could do that in very small bursts when my eyes would let me.  I have a little wip dungeon generator plugin that's not quite ready for alpha release yet.  I have been able to dive right into the code running this time since the language is Javascript instead of ruby.

Anyway, signing off for now.  I intend to hit the ground running tomorrow.  Next week should be a bit more productive.

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