Saturday, August 8, 2015

Mothrina Chapters: The Ruins of Death - IGDC Game Release!

Proudly Presenting: Mothrina Chapters: The Ruins of Death

There is a readme with an in-character letter to the character you will be playing, and some gameplay instructions, included in the download with the game.  Here is the link.  I hope you enjoy playing.

What, you are still here?

If you could spread this link around and get more eyeballs looking at it, it would mean the world to me.  It's a free game after all.  Please share the contest link, as opposed to the download link.  I really need the potential votes.

If you have any feedback, storyline questions, or just want to yell at me because your party members are rolling terribly, I can be reached at:  I'd love to hear from you!

I am thinking strongly about expanding this engine in the future, and making a few more full length chapters.  If I do, the other chapters would be much longer, allow you to roll up characters and name them, and in general be much more feature rich.  I might do a "pay what you want" release, or I might sell each chapter as a lower cost full game.  Lots of ideas for the future, but nothing set in the cold Mothrina stone just yet.

Anyway, you should be playing the game instead of reading this.  Go play, and enjoy a small adventure in the land of Mothrina!

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