Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Humble Bundle #3

You all know the drill by now right?  5 awesome indy games, all multiplatform(That means Mac, PC, and Linux), all for whatever price you name.

You can be cheap and pay $1, or supportive and pay however much you think the charity/developer deserves.  Actually, if it's anything like Humble Bundle 2, some people were buying it for $0.01 USD, but that seems kind of mean.

It's split default between both charity and developer, but you can control exactly where every penny of your purchase goes yourself with handy sliders.  PS: They support paypal, bank transfers, and lots of other methods of payment, so if you've got some change lying around in any of those accounts, go for it.)

Go grab a copy for yourself.  There's really, quite literally, no reason not to.  The games are a total value of $50 USD entertainment on their own outside of the bundle when bought seperately.  Quite frankly, VVVVV and Hammerfight alone are well worth the ride.  Crayon Physics is pretty cool too.  And Yet It Moves and Cogs, maybe not so much, but still decent and worth the time at least playing a bit of.  The only thing hard about this purchase is how much fun you think you'll get out of these games for the money you decide to put in.

Why are you still here?  Oh, right, cause I forgot the url.  Here ya go, now get out there and grab it:



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