Thursday, September 22, 2011

Of Unity coding and productivity on a day "off" of work.

Nothing quite like booting up Unity after a month away and finding out hey look, all the programming tools are reworked and now have all sorts of extra stuff like "solutions", a list of variables/objects the script references, and a bunch of new buttons I need to learn.

It's like if someone painted your house all Purple and moved your rooms around while you were on vacation.

Because of that, today wasn't nearly as productive a day as I had planned. Oh well, progress is still progress, even if it's slow.

I got raytracing using their physics engine colliders finally working after much reading of documentation though. So now I can test collisions without needing the horrible PhysX rigidbodies. Yes, I'm a 3d programming newb like that. What can I say? Quite a bit if this blog post is any indication.

I really need a second monitor on this computer so I can open a tutorial and have Unity's whole interface on screen at the same time. Swapping windows not only is slower, but introduces loads of errors when typing code examples off video tutorials(which seem to be the new thing on the web even though I learn a lot better off written tutorials, but that's a whole other rant).

That's enough programming (aka, torture on my poor visual mind) for today. Now I've got the basics of a trace and how to get the results all written out in my code. And more importantly, I understand how to use it now. So next time I should be able to do this quite a bit faster.

I'll have a proper 3d platformer game up and running yet. It's just going to take a while cause I've never done a 3d platformer game before. Or any true 3d game before, for that matter.

Off to either do something fun, or work out some level layout plans for the game using my shiny new GRIDDED PAPER pad. The title is in caps on the pad, so I might as well put it in caps here too.

My sister has stepped up as a 3d modeler, so now we have a team of 2, working on a 3d project of sorts. Excitement! Only it's very slow going because I'm the...

Concept artist(for level styles, characters, everything), 

Lead Programmer(and only one, sob), 

Interface Designer, 

Storyline Writer(It's easy for this one, there's not much to the story as it's a fun simple platformer), 

Co-Modeler/Animator/Texturer(cause sometimes Sis is a bit lazy with animating or texturing things), 

Level Layout and Theme Designer (Though she will probably be the one modeling most of the bits and pieces that fall together to make a level in the game, like the ground, trees, and so on), 

and Project Manager.

Oh, and I suppose later we will need some kind of music/sounds, so I get to be a Lead Musician and Sound Producer too.

And she is the...

Lead Modeler,




Idea Bouncer,

and "Why Does Everything Need Stalk Eyes?" Producer.

Hmm, something tells me I got the short end of the stick here...

But I love it all so much. Except for the programming part. I only somewhat like that part. But the rest of it is so much fun!

I think it's time to take a break for the day. This "nice easy day off" thing seems to have gotten lost in translation.

In other news, I have played a few new games and have formed opinions on them. I think I'll just spam all my reviews and reactions to this blog instead of cross posting and pasting everywhere on the web. So prepare for lots of game opinions/reviews in the future as I play through...random stuff. :D

Edit: Holy Terrible Formatting Batman!  All fixed...I hope.

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