Saturday, September 3, 2011

Got a Part time job

Just a quick note to my followers(yes, all 2 of you, see, you're so special!).

I've got a part time job now, which means money for me.  Of course, this also means even less time to update the blog.

I do have days off however, and I certainly have not stopped gaming, or making games(the progress of the latter has slowed considerably more then the former due to lack of energy).

I simply have been a bit lacking on the time/energy(especally the latter) needed to write up proper content for this blog.  Been a rough couple of first weeks.

Just thought I'd post something so you don't think I've abandoned Gawain Games.  This is still going, and I will still be reviewing and playing games.

I probably won't have time to write/play till later this week, but I've recently bought Trackmania 2:Canyon, which is still in multiplayer beta mode.  A full preview of what buying the rather steep entry earns you will be coming once I get the chance to properly plow through it all myself.

Off to bed for now, got more work tomorrow.  Till then, this is Gawain signing off.

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