Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Blender Rocks

Blender's new interface ROCKS HARD!  Finally I can find the buttons and get stuff done without 30 minuites looking for the interface window I acidentally closed down or turned into another rendering window.

Me and my sis have been working on 3d modeling some stuff for a 3d platformer/action game to be made in Unity.  It's way too early to say anymore, so I must resist the urge to spill out everything here.

It feels so good to be sketching concept art for it again.  Finally there's a use for all this background world design I've been doing to the universe the characters are in.  Even if half of it won't be visible in the final game at all. :)

Last few days were pretty much consumed by learning Blender stuff, drawing concepts for the 3d game, and of course, heavy playing of Portal 2 and all the "The Incredible Machine" games in the pack from gog.com.  If you like puzzle games I highly recommend TIM, any version.  Except the DOS version original might need some warming up before you enjoy it, and a bit of manual reading.  The other versions are brillant though.

As for Portal 2, I haven't finished it yet, but I can safely say that aside from the first 30 minuites of the game where they had to teach newcomers to the series the basics, it's so far been brillant and a good, proper sequal.  And thank goodness, no super annoying triple-fling puzzles(yet).  The puzzles this time around are a lot more about preparing the rooms and falling into portals, not shooting while on the fly.  Which is a very welcome change indeed, because the whole shooting on the fly to continue warping through the rooms was more frustrating then fun.  If you haven't already, and you're not prone to being motion sick, put Portal 2 on the very top of your games to get list, NOW!

I'm also trembling in anticipation of the next Minecraft update.  1.6 is supposed to come out this week, and with it, the ability to make a portal to the Nether in multiplayer.  Much hillarity is bound to be had with such an abusable, if resource expensive power.

Updates may end up few and far between for now, as there are so many other things I am busy with that I rarely have time/energy to write.  I'll try to post any major developments.

Till next time, Gawain Doell, signing off.

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  1. 1.6 is Awesome.

    And I told you the new Blender stuff was awesome. :)

    Good luck with your Unity proj!


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