Monday, November 23, 2015

Delay of Game: Developer has Moving Issues

Mothrina Chapters is not dead.  Just wanted to get this out there for my blog followers.

My family is moving in a land called Real Life.  This means things are getting cleaned up, packed away, and shipped to a new house.  The majority of my stuff being packed is also the stuff I use while developing games(or to de-stress while doing so).  Also, packing is very time consuming and seems to zap one's energy.  Must be those real life motion controls.

I'll just keep this short.  I have lots of ideas and plans, but all of them are on hold while I move.  The moving date is the 6th, but of course unpacking will happen over the next weeks following that.  There's also some Real Life MMO events called holidays somewhere in there.

So everything in Mothrina or other game development land is on hold for the next month or so while I piece together my/our new life.

It will live again, eventually, but for now I really need to take a step back and breath.  Expect silence followed by an opening report on the development once I get my new "office" up sometime mid/end of next month.  Stay warm!

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