Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Drake is out!

Playable in web flash, and if you donate 5.00 or more you get downloads of both flash and windows executable form that you can keep forever and play offline.


I really could use some help spreading this game around.  In order to be a success I need as many people as possible to see it, play it, and share it.  Your donations will go directly to me and supporting my game development in the future, I promise!

I also greatly need some feedback on the price.  This is my first game launch, and while I think the current donation download price is fair for the amount of content given, it may very well not be.  I'm operating in the dark and within the very narrow amount of games I have been able to afford myself on the lower end of the market.  While I would feel 5 is a fair price were I to buy the game for offline play, I don't know how others feel about that.

Anyway, enough about me!  Go play the game!  And please share the link with your friends!

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