Thursday, March 29, 2012

Trine 2 Steam Sale

Quick shameless plug for one of my favorite games.  If you've got a couple of friends who can play local and want a good co-operative platform/adventure/puzzle game, don't pass this one up.  You will need a couple controllers, but I know Trine 1 is well worth the effort to play, and Trine 2 looks to be even better.

Trine 2 is 50% off this weekend on Steam, bringing it's price down to 7.50 for the regular or only 12.50 for collectors.  The first Trine is 80% off, or a measly 2.00.  Both are well worth the full price and basically a steal at this price.

Both games are very good 3 player local puzzle/action/platformers, with an emphasis on creative use of physics and the character's different powers.  Both are also MAC compatible, for you MAC gamers out there.

I haven't had the time to write up a review of them on here yet, but the first Trine is good clean fun, and from the looks of it, the second one continues the tradition.  Good clean fun for 1-3 players at once.

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