Sunday, February 26, 2012

Indie Royal Bundle

Normally I wouldn't recommend buying games when they are not even out yet, but for these 3, make a big exception.

For 3 more days you can buy alpha access, and then when the games are finished you own all three! This pack is so worth it just for Towns(a majesty meets RPG dungeons) and Wyv & Keep (A two player co-op puzzle action platformer with from the looks of things, very devious puzzle design).

Current asking price is 5.08 as of this posting, but even for 10(the recommended bump the price down asking price) it's a steal.

I'll let their own page speak about what the games are and the three developers behind it on it's own.  They've said it so well I don't want to just repeat it here.  But do check it out this weekend if you've got a spare bit of gaming cash, as if even one of the games appeals to you this is very worth the cash.

The three games are also relatively clean fun.  There's some minor cartoon violence(sprite characters dying, minecraft style "deaths" of low quality 3d models in 3079), and both Towns and 3079 might be a bit over younger players because of their heavy emphasis on RPG stat management.  But it's hard to fault the games at this price.

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