Sunday, April 17, 2011

Numerous adventures in platforming stuff

Finally got some work done this friday after RL and my tiredness gave me time to think.

Platforming physics for moving, jumping, and double jumping* are all done.  (*which is really just a matter of letting the game keep a count how many times the player jumped, for those interested in how to go about making such a system.)

There is currently a weird bug that makes the player unable to double jump if they walk off an edge.  The game only gives them the second mid-air jump even though both first and second jump should use the same code.  I'm writing it off as a "feature" for now, till I can wrap my head around why on earth walking off an edge suddenly lowers the amount of jumps you can do. 

It's particularly puzzling because all the double jump does is allow you to jump again in the air, and falling or not having ground under the player isn't even in the conditions for allowing a jump.  But that's all boring mumbo-jumbo I won't get into.

The system allows for an "interrupt animation" to be played.  That is a term I just made up on the spot, basically it means that the physics will only control the animations of the player if they are NOT doing something else.  In other words, I can make the player play an attack animation without worrying about cancelling it halfway through to play the walking animation.  If you still don't quite understand, just know the important thing is that this system lets me program an attack into the players actions without disabling the physics while they are attacking.

So basically now I need to work on edge grabbing, and some combat attacks, as well as getting "hurt" and reacting to taking damage.  Edge grabbing should be simple enough, but if it proves a pain I will just drop it.  Combat and taking damage is a must or we don't have much of a game.

I could add in support for ramps, but that seems rather useless for version 1, especally since my level generator doesn't understand how to build such things.  Needlessly complicated, I say.

In non-work related news, in no particular order, the following awsome stuff happened or I found them:

--- (I've added these in between topic changes to prevent confusion in this massive infodump of doom.  Enjoy.)

Uru Live has gone Open Source!  Cyan even already updated the MOULa game with the first minor fan created patch, straight from the Grey Hats themselves.  I'll let Cyan speak for themselves and just link the letter here:

Or you can go straight to yourself.

Of course, this news in and of itself means next to nothing for non-MystFanCodeHeads, myself included.  But I'm excited anyway, because it brings us one giant step closer to getting some of the fantastic, canon friendly, fan created ages onto the real URU servers, in full blown multiplayer form.


This is by far the most expensive game ever on Amazon, but you save a lot by letting them rip you off.  I thought it was hillarious, but please don't ever buy it new from them.

Gotta love automated amazon pricing, and minor mistypes in prices.  Just look how much you save.

PS: If you really want the Incredible Machine series of games(they are pretty fantastic puzzlers), check out the Incredible Machine Megapack at gog instead.

For that price, I've been thinking of picking up a copy for myself.  They are all pretty old, but their mostly solid puzzle design and the inclusion of the editor "free form" mode in every version makes them a very worthy purchase.  I'd pay that price for just TIM3 alone, easy.


It's that time again, time for the humble bundle to steal however much money you want it to steal, and then use it for a good cause.

This time it's a pretty solid mix of stuff all from Frozenbyte.  Trine in particular is spectacular on it's own if you for some reason still don't have it.  But I'm especally excited about Splot, just because that blue fellow looks insanely random and cool.

They come with their soundtracks too.  Trine's got some lovely music going on in it, well worth picking up.  And you've got no excuse with that kind of pricing.


And last, a fictional day in a land of glass.

The products are mostly rather expensive and random looking, but the technology the company is working on is really really cool.  Things like Gorrila Glass, glass that can "think" and  be "interactive" with computers/touchscreen inside it, rollable computer glass, and even glass that powers itself using the energy of the sunlight shining through it.  Crazy sounding stuff, but also just plain really really cool.

I also like the music score for the ad/short.  It's nice and uplifting, good after a long day of work.  You can obtain a copy yourself from here for now, I have no idea if the artist is actually going to sell it or if it was just a promotional track thingy by Corning:


Been playing 9 hours, 9 persons, 9 doors for the DS.  It's rated M for a reason, but it's a really good Japanese Storybook type game crossed with Myst-like puzzle rooms in between.  Lots of endings too...which seem to be part of some bigger ending plot that I probably need all of the endings to actually know what to do for.  I do recommend it, but only if you're ok with the content involving vivid descriptions/imagey of dead/mutilated human bodies while not fully knowing who is responsible till the end(if you even go the right way in the first place).  It's pretty disturbing on the first few playthroughs, and might cause a distinct lack of sleep.

On a less disturbing but equally M rated note, I've also been playing God of War on the PS2.  Actually, I finished God of War over the course of two straight days playing through it, and am now a bit into the second one.  I can say two things about it.  First, you really arn't the nicest person around, and all of the puzzle "solutions" almost always involve having everyone else be sent to the afterlife.  Second, it's very clear this game's power lies in its fantastic storytelling, well written dialog, and some very sweet, kick ass level design.  It's rare to find a platformer that uses levels to tell just as much of a story as it's dialog and cutscenes, and God of War, and it's sequal (so far anyway), does it well.

I just wish Kratos wasn't such a meany anti-hero, even if it does suit his character and the storyline.  I keep wanting to be a good guy and save people, but instead I keep having to use them for extra weight during puzzles.  This game really needs some Prince of Persia: Sands of Time/Warrior Within flavored "good or evil" choices in it, even if both outcomes turn out the same. 

Oh well, at least he's got a good, deep reasoning behind his choices and solutions to things, even if I don't agree with them.  Which I guess means they did a phenominal job telling the storyline and characters, if I can sympathise with his logic even though it goes against what I would have done in the situation.

And with that, I'm signing off for now, it's 1:33 AM and I really need sleep.  See ya later.

*half expects the labeling system to throw a fit at him with this one.*


  1. Now we just need an open source Maya so we can model new stuff for Uru for free!

    Maybe I'll try downloading and compiling source later...though I suspect its a Windows game, amiright?

    The glass video is neat, but it isn't really about glass...persay. All that stuff looks like a horribly complicated mix between electronics and a chem lab. Unless they really can temper glass with electronics built in etc... All in all, very standard futuristic concept (that hadn't happened and isn't likely to happen within our lifetime, IMHO).

    Also, I was having a thought about your jumps...if you fall of the edge, I'd imagine your physics checks to see if you were already on the ground or not? In that case only jumping a second time makes perfect sense. Depends a lot on who wrote the physics really.

  2. Re: smaudet

    The community of URU fans already has tools in the works for blender, among an updated 3d studio plugin. Lots of work is being put into converting and recompiling/rewriting plugins now that Cyan has released the source code for the plugin. It's mostly just a matter of time.

    Uru's source only runs on windows as of now. Don't know if anyone in the community is working on converting it over, I'd imagine such things are very low priority compared to all the bug/security fixes. If you are planning on compiling on Linux, I'd highly recommend contacting the Guild Of Writers in the community. They're probably more familar with what needs to be changed then Cyan, to be honest.

    Re: Glass. They can build electronics into the glass. They can also power said electronics by the sunlight shining through them(complete with a micro battery to charge it so sudden shadows over your work won't kill your cpu). Nearly everything you see in the video exists already in their labs, right now. It's also mostly made of stain resistant, easy to wipe down, strong gorrila glass, meaning it doesn't break easily(if at all) when dropped.

    It's just a matter of the production cost, which as we've seen from widescreen tvs and computers, manufacturing costs can drop easily in about 10 years.

    The only issue I see is that I'm in the USA, and we tend to be very behind as far as the latest trends in technology. Europe will probably implement all this stuff years before we even decide it's worth the security hazards. The USA tends to be stupid like that sometimes.

    Re: Jumping: The weird thing with the jumps is that there currently isn't any reason stepping off ground would remove a jump. It only resets the jump count when the player is either pressing jump, or standing on the ground. The only reason you should be unable to jump in mid-air is because you've already used up both jump counts. The theory of not being on the ground would only hold up if the jumping code actually cared you were on the ground in the first place, which it shouldn't, becuase I certainly didn't add a check for it.

    Eh, I probably just messed up somewhere with all the flag settings. I've got some time today to dive into it again, so I'll see if I can fix it.

  3. Re: jumping update: I was an idiot and when the player pressed jump I instantly subtracted from their total jump. Then the code for jumping checked how many jumps you had left, so the player could never use the last jump. It's all been re-evented to fix the problem.

  4. Oh, I know they already have that sort of stuff in labs. Also in labs but unlikely to see the light of day for a while, robots that can learn a lot, computers that beat people at trivia, mind reading devices, (levitation?), clothes that can compute, clean energy houses/cars/environments that require a spec of gasoline, quantum "teleportation" devices, synthetic diamond, quantum computing, (possibly) synthetic gold, etc. etc. etc.

    I just meant, as far as smart glass goes, its a fairly old concept as new technology goes, and we're still fairly unlikely to see it go mainstream for a long while yet. Plus, there are undoubtedly more useful things than glass electronics. Also, being in a lab, doesn't make it any less complicated, and I don't think you read the "tempered" bit.


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