Thursday, March 17, 2011

Internet streaming software Screamer Radio, my new fun toy

Yes, I am well aware that this has nothing to do with games, but this software is so sweet it deserves a shoutout.

Got Screamer Radio when my old internet radio streamer decided to go all "free trial expired" on me.

Sweet little piece of software, simple and to the point with no graphical fluff or bloated interface in the way.  Latest stable version runs fine in Windows 7.

One really nice feature I can't get enough of is the buffering stream navigation buttons. Put simply, because it buffers a few minuites of the song to memory, you can listen to the song, and then effectively "jump back in time" to start the recording tool if you wanted to record what you're currently hearing.  I kinda wish I could configure or at least know how far back it jumped, but it's certainly better then it not being there at all.

It's even got a Mute button, so that you can leave it recording while you play and listen to something else(like Bejeweled 3). It won't record anything but the stream, and can record on mute, so click and make noise away.

I think I found my new fun toy this week! Got an unused Vista partition on my hard drive to record stuff to with about 40+ Gigs of space on it. Time to make use of that hardware with something worthwhile to listen to. :D

Anyway, link so you can check it out:

Go let the developer know you like his software too!  It's developed by one cool guy in his spare time between work, so I'm sure he'd appreciate the encouragement and thanks!

Anyone know a good modern rock station?  I got for my world/newage music needs, and various jazz stations, but I keep finding oldie rock stations instead of modern ones.  Not that I'm complaining, it's all free after all. :)

Enjoy, and have a great day!


  1. Sounds cool. Websites snappy too, which is in his favor...

    However, it seems its Windows only...though it looks like he could get it to run on Linux if he felt like it. However, it didn't run well on Wine =/ Language defaulted to Turkish, and the menus were unusable.

    I suspect VLC can already do most of this? I'm not sure about the buffering...which does admittedly sound neat.

  2. Yeah. You can do the exact same thing with VLC...but it requires you to save the stream to a file, and then then open the file with a second instance. Not very convenient!

  3. Also, did you say you had a way to get the to work inside the player, without paying premium?

  4. Skyfm always worked for me without paying for premium, it just has ads throughout the stream. But it plays at least 2 or 3 songs before interrupting with an ad, so it's not too bad. Certainly better then some other stations who simply give you a blank, empty stream if you arn't paying for it.

    RE: The Linux version, I'm really not surprised it doesn't work very well there. He's got a job on top of developing the software, and presumably a life outside of it too, so I'm quite happy with just the working windows version, especally with the price. I don't use Linux myself, but I'd assume there's probably some equivilent software available out there written up by someone else.

    I don't use VLC so I can't comment on that software. Last time I tried using it I got pretty confused by it's attempt to do everything every other software did. I prefer software that simply does a single purpose but does it well to a full on "one software fits all" solution for my media needs. I also needed something that wouldn't take much ram or clutter the screen, since I listen to the streams while developing or writing.

    I'm not saying VLC is bad, I actually thought it was pretty good and would recommend it if people needed something more potent then Winamp/Windows Media Player. But it's overkill for a program I'm only using to stream internet radio and grab songs I like off it.

  5. ...I know this a little late but, I'm confused by what you meant with seems pretty modular and basic, if you want it to be, at least to me. Its just a basic movie/video player if you want it to be, or you can mess around with the settings long enough to do pretty much anything, but they don't get in your way... Maybe you should do a blog post on UI interface?

  6. Quote: "I'm not saying VLC is bad, I actually thought it was pretty good and would recommend it if people needed something more potent then Winamp/Windows Media Player. But it's overkill for a program I'm only using to stream internet radio and grab songs I like off it."

    That is my point right up there. It's overkill for a pure radio streaming program.

    I don't understand how you got I was bashing VLC's user interface from what I posted. You must have been tired while reading it or something. I simply was saying VLC comes with a lot of extra fluff I don't need/want for my music streaming program.

    Lemme explain my 3 basic uses for media player/recording/streaming software, and you'll see why I would rather have three solution software instead of an all in one that I have to configure to do the three things efficiantly.

    1. Streaming radio, and recording it with buffer so that my internet doesn't junk up my music. This is often done while I'm writing/working, and so I need a quick, 2-3 click, no splash screen solution that I can just drag to one side and leave running. Screamer Radio, with favorites set up, works just fine for this purpose.

    2. Listening to my music collection on my PC, loading up 1 of many playlists I have saved. I use Winamp for this, because it's playlist files are small and easy to spot among the rest of the music collections. Winamp also can be told from installer phase not to attempt to play anything other then music, and out of the box plays MOD/.it/.xm files(a format a lot of my music is in.)

    3. Playing a DVD full screen without extra fluff. I used to use Winamp for this as well, but since I upgraded to Win 7, I have found I prefer the Windows 7 Windows Media Center interface, because it's full screen, clean, and straight to the point. Also, I don't lose my playlist in winamp this way.

    That's why I don't use VLC myself. Because while it can probably be configured to do all three tasks, I still would need to "switch modes/settings" each time. It just makes more sense to me to have 3 seperate programs that I only use for 1 purpose, since then I don't have to waste any time configuring settings on them.

  7. Euh, you misunderstood me when I was talking about UI. I just meant you should elaborate on what you meant.

    But anyways, you bring up a valid point, VLC could really do with default presets, and configurable ones. Its perfectly possible to run three of the same program all doing different things. VLC has multiple UI interfaces and tons of command line parameters, so this is something that could be easily done. I'll be sure to make a suggestion to the vlc team!

    Anyways as to why I wouldn't want to run three different programs, as opposed to three of the same program:

    1. More problems. If I have three different programs that duplicate a lot of functionality, then I'm more likely to run into bugs that duplicate themselves in all three programs.

    2. More UI to learn. Its nice when you have one program to learn, not three.

    3. Potentially less memory use. If (and I think it does), you have one daemon and three ways of using its powers, that saves on loading three separate programs into memory.

    4. And of course, less disk use.


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